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The current version of MarkAble is 2.4.6.

MarkAble is designed for audiobook listeners who own an Apple iPod, iPhone or iPad, or who use iTunes to listen to such books. Or podcast listeners wanting to be able to combine and bookmark their saved files.

Audiobook files bought from the iTunes Music Store or from Audible.com are 'bookmarking' - that is, the iPod / iPhone (or iTunes) remembers the point of the book where you were up to, and resumes from there when you start listening again. This, of course, is vital.

However, there are many other sources of audiobooks. Such books may be in a variety of different formats such as MP3 files (for example, from podcasts, www.audiobooksforfree.com or www.telltaleweekly.com), or audio CDs or tapes you may have bought. MarkAble makes it easy to merge a large number of tracks or individual files into a few files which will bookmark on your iPod.

MarkAble allows you to select your own cover image, and the regular chapter stops inserted by MarkAble make it very easy to navigate through your audiobook.

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Some words from our users.

"I have to say that after using MarkAble for only a few days, it was easy to recognize it as software I couldn't do without."

"...it worked beautifully and I couldn't be happier."

".. I love audio books and bought an iPod. The process of getting those books on that iPod was a constant source of irritation to me and your program makes me so happy."

"Thanks for a brilliant piece of software."

"Your program is RE-Markable!"


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